Pretty places, the underwater world, and more dolphins

It’s been a while since I last blogged; internet related again!

Unfortunately the weather has now decided it doesn’t want to play ball; today is VERY windy and cloudy, with rain every now-and-then.  So today is primarily an editing day.  Hopefully I’ll get a decent amount done.  However, this afternoon I shall be interview Peter Evans, aka the big boss of Sea Watch – hopefully the sound equipment will all play ball.

I’ve been on another dedicated survey since the first one; not quite as incredible, but still really awesome.

Jenna working and watching dolphins

The weather was stunning (i believe this photo was from the first survey, but still) and we had one close encounter with some seriously cool bow riding; I’ve yet to go through my footage properly, but hopefully I’ll get a screenshot online soon.  Hard to believe now quite how awesome the weather was!

Training on Dunbar

The guys also did a bit more training at the end of the trip, so here’s a snap of the volunteers crammed on the front of Dunbar!  7 volunteers+?

One of the volunteers, Sharron, also took me on my first snorkelling outing – we just went off the beach in front of the Sea Watch office, but it was seriously awesome.  We got to see spider crabs, velvet swimming crabs, edible crabs, plus lots of fish.  Since it was my first time, I didn’t take my camera along.  Big mistake!  The visibility hasn’t been as good since, and now the windy weather is going to make it worse.  I managed to get some stuff down the coast a bit, but alas no crabs.  Now you may question my need of having a snorkelling lesson, but if I’m honest, it scared me rather a lot when I tried out the mask and fins at Mwnt beach … I’m a totally convert now, but I’m just impressed if I manage to get any usable footage from under the sea!

I’ve been exploring the local coastline – Jenna and I went to Mwnt last week which is a really beautiful beach just north of cardigan.  We saw seals and dolphins, plus the added bonus of it being really pretty and sunny!

Posing with Mwnt beach in the background

I also dragged Jenna up to Ynys Lochtyn to get a shot I wanted – It had a fair few more hills to get to the spot I wanted than I’d imagined! But it was a beautiful walk so it was worth it (i think!)

I’ve finally gotten round to sorting through my clips of the 3 hour session at birds rock, watching dolphins.  So here’s couple of screenshots.

3 Dolphins

Dolphin doing a huge leap

It feels like I haven’t been making much progress in the last week, but fingers crossed that will change soon :/ either way, I’m still really enjoying being here (even if I am missing people a bit) but the family are coming on holiday here next week so I’m looking forward to that!

    • Mandy
    • July 1st, 2010

    Welsh place names are my favorite. How do you say Mwnt?

    Love the dolphin pictures!

    • Ha, yeah gotta love the welsh words! Mwnt is said a sort of cross between ‘Mnt’ and ‘M-oo-nt’. I think 😉

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