The Big Edit

So I’ve been back in Nottingham for over a week now; it was very hard saying goodbye to everyone at Sea Watch, and saying goodbye to the sea and the dolphins!  But the stay ended on an interesting experience; BBC Panorama came to film on my final day.  We all went out on the Dunbar, in sea state 4 (not particularly clever!) but luckily there were dolphins near the harbour, which meant we didn’t have to face the worst of the waves.  They were filming a piece on biodiversity, visiting a number of different people and organisations.  It should be out on August bank holiday, so make sure you watch it!  It was peculiar being in front of the camera for some of the time, and also really interesting to watch the guys at work.  Equally it was quite reassuring that they weren’t super human, that I already knew almost everything they were doing, and even BBC cameramen can’t get perfect shots of dolphins straight off!

BBC Panorama

The tables turned; BBC filming me

It was a really good way to see the end of my stay in New Quay with Sea Watch, and Chris even came to say goodbye.

Chris comes to see me off

Since I last blogged, a fair bit happened.  Aside from the BBC, the Times newspaper came to do an article on Sea Watch, my parents came to New Quay for a weeks holiday (and I’m pretty sure they fell in love with the place too!).  The weather, however, decided it had had enough of being bizarrely sunny and lovely, so the wind picked up again and the clouds and rain came back … along with Wales’ notoriously unpredictable weather.  It made it very difficult for me to finish the filming I needed to do, since I found it very difficult to get steady shots with the wind.  In addition most of the stuff I still needed to do relied on the weather being good AND the tides being at the right time.  Still, I think I got everything I needed, and also met/interviewed the big boss of Sea Watch, Peter Evans!  I was really rather nervous if I’m honest….

Rainbow in New Quay on my penultimate day

I took a brief trip to Pembrokeshire after my stay in New Quay to visit Skomer Island, and have a look round whilst I was in Wales.  The weather on the first day was absolutely incredible, and the water vis FINALLY decided to be good (a rare occurrence since I had my lesson, irritatingly) so I got some more underwater footage.  I was also lucky enough to see around 15-20 common dolphins swimming speedily; out to get their dinner, no doubt.  Incredibly I also bumped into Sion who was doing the last of his summer project; I knew he was in Pembrokeshire, but didn’t really know where, and we hadn’t organised to meet up until a couple of days later!   The following day, the weather was utterly terrible, and just so happened to be the day I went to Skomer island.  It was still an awesome day, and I didn’t realise how close the puffins came, and how incredibly cute they are.

A puffin dries his wings

Returning after a successful fishing trip in the rain

Heading back to land

Strangely, my stay in Wales seems rather like a dream now as I embark on the huge edit; I foresee many many long days and nights stuck in front of my computer!

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