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Sea Watch and I on BBC Panorama

Just a quick post to let you know that Sea Watch was on BBC Panorama on Monday!  And I can be spotted brandishing a camera on board the Dunbar II!  Aside from the claims to fame, it’s a good program to watch; it highlights the decline in species around the UK and how it affects YOU.  We really need to start making a proper effort to conserve our wildlife, our food resources, and our planet.

Below are links to a short clip, and the Panorama episode:

On another note, I’ve updated the Film section of my website slightly.  And I’m in the process of getting my web design website up and running – it will showcase the websites I’ve made, as well as the design pieces I’ve done.  In addition, hopefully I’ll have the shortened Sea Watch edit done soon!

A climbing short and the job hunt

With the MSc now over, I am joining the rather large number of people on the hunt for a job.  There seem to be a few freelance things on the horizon, so hopefully they’ll go ahead – it will be amazing to make an income from film, photography & web!  Plus I have two full days of teaching at University after christmas which is brilliant too.  I’m also just about to move to a new flat, so it’s all a little crazy right now!  If anyone needs (or know someone who needs) a film-maker, a photographer, or a web designer/developer, or even tuition in any of these areas then let me know!

I’m starting to hear a little bit from Wildscreen about volunteering at the festival in Bristol in October.  I am EXTREMELY excited about this; it’s going to be such an incredible experience, even if i will be working hard! Hopefully soon I’ll know my actual role!

I’ve got a few ideas buzzing around for another (shorter this time!) video project, so I’ll be starting that soon … in between moving, doing 2 more Sea Watch edits, and my freelance work! It’s all rather exciting 😀

Click on the image above to watch the film!

Speaking of films, I recently did a bit of filming with Luke ( for one of his climbing shorts, so check it out!  And for any Twilight fans, see if you can recognise the music!!

Bay of the Bottlenose Dolphin

On 6th August, I completed the edit of my dissertation film.  It’s taken me rather a long time to get it on vimeo due to compressing it, and the important matter of relaxing, and gallivanting around the country after the completion of my masters!  But I’ve returned to Nottingham, and here is the finished piece:

Bay of the Bottlenose Dolphin. Click to be taken to my film.


A massive thanks obviously goes to Sea Watch ( for letting me work with them over the four weeks; this opportunity meant that I was able to capture footage I wouldn’t have thought possible for a film with such a small budget,  but also I learnt so much, made friends, and saw incredible sights I shall never forget.

I can’t even begin to thank Ryan Calmus ( for composing the soundtrack for this – it’s incredible, and he worked so hard to create it.  Not to mention the fact that he gave up so much of his free time to do it!

I’m now working on a shorter edit for the Sea Watch Foundation, and using my new MSc-free time to move house, find a job, and of course, make more films and take lots of photographs!

On a less happy note, I recently watched both ‘The Cove’ and ‘The End of the Line’.  Neither are uplifting nor happy, but I’m glad I watched both feature-length documentaries; they are eye-opening and hopefully they will be a huge help in the fight to conserve our marine life before it’s too late.