A climbing short and the job hunt

With the MSc now over, I am joining the rather large number of people on the hunt for a job.  There seem to be a few freelance things on the horizon, so hopefully they’ll go ahead – it will be amazing to make an income from film, photography & web!  Plus I have two full days of teaching at University after christmas which is brilliant too.  I’m also just about to move to a new flat, so it’s all a little crazy right now!  If anyone needs (or know someone who needs) a film-maker, a photographer, or a web designer/developer, or even tuition in any of these areas then let me know!

I’m starting to hear a little bit from Wildscreen about volunteering at the festival in Bristol in October.  I am EXTREMELY excited about this; it’s going to be such an incredible experience, even if i will be working hard! Hopefully soon I’ll know my actual role!

I’ve got a few ideas buzzing around for another (shorter this time!) video project, so I’ll be starting that soon … in between moving, doing 2 more Sea Watch edits, and my freelance work! It’s all rather exciting 😀

Click on the image above to watch the film!

Speaking of films, I recently did a bit of filming with Luke (lukesaddler.com) for one of his climbing shorts, so check it out!  And for any Twilight fans, see if you can recognise the music!!

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