It’s been a while

So it seems I’ve been rather bad at updating my blog recently.  Though not because I’ve had nothing to say! It seems like I’ve been ridiculously busy since I last updated.  I’ve volunteered at the Wildscreen Film Festival (amazing!), done a photography freelance job, done a shortened edit of my dissertation for Sea Watch (although my wonderful composer is doing exams so we’re just waiting on the music) … and of course I’ve been working full time, and getting annoyed at how early it gets dark! Roll on March when the clocks change.

Obviously I’ve been using my free time outside of all that craziness to continue taking photos and filming; I got a fluid tripod head for Christmas (I’ve been without any at all since I left uni!) which is making my life easier – it’s beautiful and smooth.  Now any jerks are purely my fault!! I’m working on a short edit at the moment, but I shall put up a few photos as soon as I can and the new film as soon as it’s done!

But for now, here’s a photo of the lovely smiley wonderful people from Wildscreen:

The Wildscreen Crew

The Wonderful Wildscreen Crew


Oh and I can really recommend these guys for prints: ProAmImaging.  I recently got some prints done through them and they’re stunning quality!


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