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BWPA Highly Commended Dolphin Sequence

So the results are out for the British Wildlife Photography Awards (BWPA) 2011!  This year, they started a new ‘Wildlife on Video‘  category  which I decided to enter.

The judges will be looking for the most inspirational and dynamic sequence (up to a minute) which clearly illustrates the unique power of video as a medium for capturing British wildlife. Any aspect of British wildlife will be considered.

You can watch my entry here (dolphins of course):

Click the image to go to the video!

I was really pleased to find out I’d been awarded a Highly Commended! The winners of the various categories can be found on the BWPA website – not all of the highly commended entries are online yet, so mine is yet to appear (not making it up I promise!).

BWPA award ceremony filming

So (thanks entirely to the wonderful Emma) I will be filming the BWPA award ceremony next month at the WildlifeXpo. I am so excited. Plus the video that achieved a highly commended will hopefully be on display too!

Look out in the papers tomorrow for the announcement of all the winners (plus at BWPA online), and there may even be a piece on Sky TV!

A recent photo to liven up the post:

Devil's Bridge Waterfall

The weather wasn’t fab in the peak district today – but i still got a few shots of grouse (when mountain bikes weren’t trying to run me over) and of a spider making its web. I’m adding to my peak district collection, and will be cutting a short together soon (after a few more trips – please behave weather!)

Fire Sky, Cardigan Bay

A wildlife showreel and other news

So I put together a quick edit of some wildlife shots I’ve compiled – nothing fancy, just some pretty pictures 🙂

Click the grouse to view my wildlife showreel!

I’ve made good progress with the British Equestrian Federation Roadshow edit – waiting on the client now with titles and names so I can export the final copies.

As for my highly commended video for the BWPA awards, I shall post it once all the winners etc have been announced on the BWPA website. It’s also going to be displayed at the WildlifeXpo on 14th and 15th October … and I may have more exciting news regarding the WildlifeXpo soon – but not going to get my hopes up until it’s sorted!

I’m hoping the weather’s going to be reasonable in the peak district today since I’m off out there with my camera; it’s been too long since I ventured into the peaks!