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I’m a 20-something who is happiest when up a mountain, or watching wildlife, camera in hand.

Whilst I have always had a love for photography, it was only recently when studying for an MSc in Biological Photography & Imaging, that I found my true calling in life; capturing moving images on camera.  Nothing can beat the buzz I get whilst filming.  Recording wildlife and landscapes using the medium of both stills and video are the areas I enjoy most, but imaging is a continual learning process and I like to experiment with as many different subjects as possible – ranging from studio work to filming sports such as rock climbing.

Taking Photos in the Peak District

My other hobbies include climbing, running and rambling (especially when scrambling up waterfalls is involved).  I adore being outside in the fresh air but similarly, with a background in Computer Science, I can spend hours immersed in code creating a website or computer program.  I love creating things, whether it be films or websites, and I’m always up for an adventure!

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