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Website Downtime

Unfortunately the server that hosts my website is being changed, so my website will be transferred sometime in the next few weeks. I’ve no idea when they’re doing it, and it may be down for a few days! Hopefully the change will go unnoticed though…!


A new website

I’m in the process of creating a web design website, but in the meantime, a selection of my portfolio can be found here:

Click on image above to be taken to

It demonstrates some examples of websites I’ve made recently as well as some of my design work.

Website Live, and the end of coursework

Well, it seems I’ve rather neglected my blog since I set it up.  The reason for this being a very large amount of coursework that had to be completed before I could do anything else!  I have finally finished it all, so I am now able to embark upon my 10 week summer project.  In addition, my website has been made live recently and can be found here:

It displays a selection of my images and a couple of my videos I’ve made so far;  It’s a work in progress both portfolio, and coding-wise!

Since blogging I have also upgraded my camera to a Canon 7D, and was extremely sad to see my Nikon D90 go.  However, the amazing quality of both the photographs and video that the 7D can produce is helping to ease the pain!  Here are just a couple of photographs I’ve taken on it so far:

Green Rocks On The Norfolk Coast

Green Rocks On The Norfolk Coast

Staring Contest With a Python

Staring Contest With a Python

Scottish Wildcat

Scottish Wildcat

I’ve recently spent a couple of days in the lake district, doing a bit of filming; I was lucky enough to see Osprey on their nest at Bassenthwaite lake, so hopefully I shall edit together a few of the clips.

Next on the agenda is my dissertation/summer project which I’m putting the finishing touches on organising, so check back here soon for some updates!